Alienum for SL

The original plants fishing game

Alienum is now version 4!

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Version 4 Changes

The history

"Not so long time ago, a spaceship crashed in our world.

It was a botanical research spaceship, carrying crates with seed from outer worlds.

The crates were scattered around when the ship hit the land. Some were broken and open, releasing its contents in the wind.

Some days after, strange plants started to grow. And they are producing new seeds.

Your job is simple: help the scientists to collect these seeds, grow then to see what type of plants they produce."

The game

Alienum is a game like other fishing games available in Second Life. Basically you go to a place where the buoy is, spend a time fishing, and can earn some Linden Dollars in the process.

The difference is that Alienun isn't about fish: it's about alien plants.

You get a free extractor, go to places where the plant clusters are, and extract resources. And can get some seeds, money, and potions too.

Alienum is a fishing and farm games in one.

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